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    Dear Beautiful:: A Self-Empowerment Book for Black Women (Volume 1)
    by Gail L. Thompson Ph.D.
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    Yes, You Can!: Advice for Teachers Who Want a Great Start and a Great Finish With Their Students of Color
    by Gail L. Thompson, Rufus Thompson

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Pecos Texas FBO has horses!

I flew to an airport situated between El Paso Texas and Midland because where I was flying to next had low clouds that were lingering near Midland. My flight instructor, Nick and my Brother Kevin have been offering tidbits of advice that I soak up like a Bounty paper towel. Pay me Bounty!

So I flew to my alternate. No problem in Warrioir 40798. I landed at KPEQ. Elevation 2613 feet. Two of us were landing at this airport with no tower. We used the same runway but from different ends. Now, you may be saying, oh that's bad but pilots have protections in procedures that prevent catastrophe. I was first so I cleared the runaway and the Saratoga driver picked the other end. My reason was the advisory said my end was the preferred end when winds are calm. The other pilot was listening to automated weather too and his message was different than the one I received.

That is why he landed at the other end. We had a great conversation about our airplanes and the as I started into the business, these two horses came strolling over. Uh huh, you read it right, these two beautiful horses came over and hung out! 

They just strolled over! from Rufus Thompson on Vimeo.

Cameron, Wayne, and the FBO and horse owner, Isabella shared experiences before I left for my next leg of the trip which meant braving mountains near 8500 feet!



Meeting Harlen, a Descendant of President Harry S. Truman at Ryan Airport in Tucson Arizona


Sunday morning November 10, 2013, I flew into Ryan Airport in Tucson Arizona.  I taxied the airplane to the pilot area next to a restaurant.  While I was winding down and preparing for my next flight, I heard knocking at the door.  To get into the facility, you need a code.  I looked up and there were two people standing at the door.  I opened it for them and they smiled and came inside.  Harlen Truman, yes he is a direct descendant of President Harry Truman, introduced himself.  His sister, introduced herself and we began talking.  Harlen and his sister were sent to me by God, oh yes it is true.  I was going to have to fly for an extra hour to hopefully get a chart that i needed to continue my trip.

Another pilot came in and I explained my delimna.  He dissappeared and reemerged with a chart that showed the state of New Mexico area plus portions of Texas.  Just what I needed.  Harlen then showed me the route to take to get to El Paso.  Why were they sent from God?  Because my IPad was overheating.  I was using it to help navigate.  Harlen is a pilot, a commercial pilot, who came to visit his sister and wanted to fly from El Paso to Arizona.  I wanted to go the other way!  He told me to take a bag of ice and place the IPad on it to keep it from temperature faulting!  Genious!!  His sister so kindly offered to get the ice and did do so and brought it back to me in a nice bag in zip lock baggies.  I placed my IPad on the bags of Ice and it worked perfectly!!


Some people may have a problem with me mentioning God, but let me say, these two people are an example of what America stands for and is.  They are wonderful people that I encounted not by chance but by design.  They touched my life in a simple way but one that I will never forget.  Harlen said it best, "It isn't the big things that matter, it is the little things."  We tgook pictures with each other and he told me to tell the people at Cutter Aviation Harlen said hello.  He said this after he called and found that there was a 60 cent discount on aviation fuel that day!!  I did what Harlen instructed me to do and the receptionist who has worked there for nin years said, not only did he say hello but he sent this ice chest over and  we will fill it up for you.  It has your name on it.  Kindness goes so far and costs nothing!  It is free!  Pilots are a special lot.  We share and care for each other no matter what our politics, our religious affiliation, our economic situation.  We care for each other.  Harlen and his sister were God sent that day.  The other pilot that gave me his chart was God sent that day.  That is the way of aviators and it is worldwide but especially in the United States.  You see if it was not for my wife, Gail Thompson, my brother Kevin Beecher, Judy Scholl, my flight instructor Nick Gambino, and many others, I would not be Living the Dream of airplane ownership and flying across the country.  What a day! His sister has a beautiful name and is so wonderful.  I will remember her name and amend this post.



The Desert


Leaving California

Inland Empire California, Fare thee well!  Thanks to my awesome brother!! 


Starting in La Verne California

The trip started in LaVerne, California at Brackett airport.  It will end several days later in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  I am flying a newly acquired from my brother Piper Warrior at various altitudes and airspeeds.  I will be speaking to folks all over the country and chronicling my adventure here.  There is nothing like flying over nature and civilization.  If I see something I like, I turn around and look at it again or request an altitude change to get a safe closer look.  What an experience!

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