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    Dear Beautiful:: A Self-Empowerment Book for Black Women (Volume 1)
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    Yes, You Can!: Advice for Teachers Who Want a Great Start and a Great Finish With Their Students of Color
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Overview of My Cross Country


Kevin Beecher - My Brother and The Reason I Have an Airplane and My Pilot's License

 Kevin Beecher - My Brother from Another Mother and the Reason I have an airplane and my Pilot Certificate.




















Nick Gambino - Jet Blue Airlines Pilot, my Flight Instructor and Friend who prepared me with awesome training to make this cross country flight.  Judy Scholl owner of Art Scholl Aviation for encouraging me, her friendship, and maintaining excellent airplanes.  This one was one of hers back in the day!!


My Wife Gail - Who Supported My Dream From The Beginning!


On The Way to Dallas Executive to See My Sister!  Yea!

You know Texas and California are just too big!!  Please!  But, they are great states just like all the others.


Avoiding Clouds Piper Warrior Style from Rufus Thompson on Vimeo.


Make Sure You Read The Other Pages

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23 Flight Hours of Pure Fun! Yes, There Were Challenges

The trip took 23 Flying hours. This wasn't like the airlines. If I saw something I liked such as the portion of the Mississippi River I turned and flew along side it or around it! Also, there were times when I had to avoid clouds and obstacles so I did! No straight line flying there!  Yes, there were challenges like radar outages that had nothing to do with me other than I had to fly by my experience without them knowing where I was on Radar.  That was cool because the airplane has what I need to do that and I used Foreflight on the IPad and on my IPhone.




Brackett Field in La Verne, California  The airplane was based here.  La Verne is about a half hour Northeast of Los Angeles, California. 








Blythe, California  Blythe is where I flew my first "cross country" 10 years ago.  It was nostalgic to return to where my first challenge for navigation took place and how much easier it was this time.






Casa Grande, Arizona was my first stop in Arizona.  They were very kind and courteous.  I stayed overnight in the town at a Holiday Inn Express.  My expectations of the hotel were minimal but it was like a world class hotel!  My room was large, the employees were very kind and professional, and my transportation to and from the airport was paid for by them.  The restaurant was the best I ate at during my trip.





Ryan Field Ryan, Arizona  I flew to Ryan Field to purchase a chart for flying to El Paso.  There were no charts available at the Fixed Based Operator however, a pilot there provided me with a chart that got me to El Paso International, El Paso, Texas.  It was there that I met Harlen Truman and his sister both whom I talk about later in this blog.





El Paso International, El Paso, Texas  Was a challenging and exciting flight because I was so close to the United States, Mexico border so I had to make sure that I remained far enough from the border to prevent being intercepted.  No problem with a little thing called an IPad and Foreflight.






Pecos Municipal, Pecos, Texas  Pecos was the place where I met some wonderful people and also a few horses.  I took pictures with all of them.  The one person I didn't take pictures of was a pilot I met who works on wells.  He was flying a Saratoga.  A bigger version of the airplane I flew.  I had to land in Pecos because MIdland Texas was covered with clouds.  It was just Midland but that was my destination.  So I landed in Pecos and replaned for Sweetwater.




Avenger Field in Sweetwater Texas.  It is home of the WASP museum.  That is the Women Airforce Service Pilots – the first women to fly American military aircraft – women who forever changed the role of women in aviation!

I met the FBO owner there.  He has a website which I will add later.  He discounts fuel on weekends and holidays and I was the first one to get the benefit.  Please visit him and say hello and that you heard about him on this blog.  Also take time to visit the WASP museum.  I didn't have time to but will visit them on my next trip that way.



Dallas Executive, Dallas, Texas  Dallas Executive is a Jet airport and Ambassador Jet Port made it clear that I nor my little ole airplane was not important.  This was the only place where I felt unwelcomed.  I was flying a "little plane" and not purchasing 1000 dollars of fuel.






South Arkansas Regional Airport at Goodwin Field, Eldorado Arkansas






Jasper, Jasper, Alabama is a Coal Mining city.  It is a wonderful city with rich history.









Greenwood, Greenwood, South Carolina Greenwood was where flight training for B-25 pilots took place during World War II.  It has been relocated three times from what I was told.  When I flew in there were three crop dusting airplanes.  Those airplanes were turbo props and they were huge!  They made N40798 look like a toy!  I imagine how much fun it would to fly one because those pilots do some what we consider crazy stuff on a day by day basis but it is safe for them.





Fayetteville, Fayetteville, North Carolina









40798s New Hangar Home










Inside 798s Hangar.  Just the beginning of the cave.









Picture hanging on the wall inside the hangar.  This picture is of the sun setting on the East Coast in the West with tail of the aircraft pointing toward the Eastern Coastal shore as it curves near Nort Mytle Beach in South Carolina.







Details coming about my experiences at each airport and town.  Enjoy the aerial views of the airports courtesy of Google Earth.